Isn’t it a bit ironic that my first real post comes with my last days in the newspaper office? For the past three hours, I’ve been carting out books, papers, bags of tea and various other knickknacks that I’ve collected over the years. Just to get a better figure for what this operation includes, here are some numbers:

  • 4 Recycle bin trips (squashed) full of papers that became buried under stacks of new papers
  • 3 cardboard boxes of relatively medium size
  • 1 Obama bobblehead
  • 1 Vietnamese coffee filter
  • 6 design books, 2 Moleskine notebooks and a copy of “All My Friends Are Dead”
  • 1 empty can of Cafe du Monde coffee
  • 2 baseball bats. One inflatable, the other one from the Louisville Slugger manufacturing plant

Still to be put in boxes are my rubber chicken, Gertrude (see the video), a handmade cup from a coworker, my desk picture and a two-sided inspirational quote desk ornament.

Four years; it’s flown by quick. In that time, working at the newspaper has been the best experience possible. Instead of learning journalism in class, it was taught by example. Hard work paid off, and people earned their way up the ladder. That work ethic, originally instilled by a group of dedicated seniors, still remains.

While some in society may view themselves entitled to promotion or positions, this place has held true to putting the best possible person in a job position.

I guess that now it’s time to see if that viewpoint holds true in the professional world. Watch out – it’s about to be rocked.


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