Final Easterner article

Well, my tenure at The Easterner is coming to a close…

It’s egotistical tradition by many collegiate papers to have a “farewell” column of sorts. Such a column is a place to boast about the friends made, the times shared, people hated and all that soppy stuff. Who’d ever want to get involved in such stuff?

Although it may be cliche, I caved. Here’s a bit from the “farewell” piece coming out Wednesday:

Eastern is an odd campus.

No, seriously, take a second look at this place. We’ve got buildings on historical registers, a red football field, the weirdest design for an arts complex I’ve ever seen and a population of squirrels that, if organized, could put up a decent fight against us all.

But behind all of the bricks, turf and closed doors lies people; the people who make this place run smoothly. People who make this university shine, despite the increasing difficulty of making things correctly operate. They are the people that make this campus move.

Four years have come and gone, and I have seen much (though far from everything) that this university has to offer. The lessons in the classroom have molded and shaped the abilities and skills related to my professional field, but the life lessons come from outside the classroom doors. They come, in most cases, from the average person.

I’ll post the rest on here Wednesday afternoon/evening.


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