Farewell, Eastern

Eastern is an odd campus.

No, seriously, take a second look at this place. We’ve got buildings on historical registers, a red football field, the weirdest design for an arts complex I’ve ever seen, and a population of squirrels that, if organized, could put up a decent fight against us all.

But behind all of the bricks, turf and closed doors lies people: the people who make this place run smoothly and the people who make this university shine despite the increasing difficulty of making things operate correctly. They are the people who make this campus move.

Four years have come and gone, and I have seen much, though far from everything, that this university can offer. The lessons in the classroom have molded and shaped the abilities and skills related to my professional field, but the life lessons come from outside the classroom. They come, in most cases, from the average person.

The end to this four-year collegiate venture marks the end of 17 seemingly never-ending years of education. As such, it is absolutely necessary to mention some of the most important figures who spurred my incredible growth over the past four years. The following people have been magicians in their abilities.

Thank you, Bob Elfers, for keeping my eyes and heart focused on what truly matters in life. His words still and will always ring true.

Lane Hopkins, you helped me apply the learned value of hard work, coloring outside the lines and for being the best adviser in Eastern’s advising system.

Cheryl Grimm, you offered your help and mentoring. Without you, I never would have made it through the difficult moments at this newspaper. You are by far the best and most informed person on campus. No one will replace you.

Tammy Hovren, you were my first journalism teacher, original mentor and now good friend. You have taught me to remember who I am and what I represent.

Finally, my parents and family, you are a constant source of guidance and support throughout my life. Thank you.

And finally, thank you to the newspaper crew that I learned from and am still friends with today. This office wouldn’t be half of what it is without your dedication and drive. I hope that the newspaper has lived up to your standards.

Eastern, though small in size, has the potential to be a great asset in a student’s education. In my time here, I’ve learned that the effort and dedication you put into a project or into the workplace will eventually translate into something great. Take time to ensure that an action is right. Change shouldn’t be forced, nor a decision rushed. Often, a step away to look at the bigger picture gives a clearer answer.

The lessons learned at Eastern are not solely found in the classroom, but in the people. Take a look around — we’re all in this together.


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