The Happiest Place on Earth

Forget a vacation at Disneyland, I want to go to the second most-happiest place on earth – North Korea!

In the latest release of the “Global Happiness Index,” that’s just where the country sits: second place. Just under China’s ranking of number one.

According to Shanghaiist:

China is the happiest place on earth according to a new global happiness index released by North Korea’s Chosun Central Television. China earned 100 out of 100 points, followed closely by North Korea (98 points), then Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela. Coming in at 203rd place is America (or rather “the American Empire”, 美帝国), with only 3 happiness points. South Korea got a measly 18 points for 152nd place.

Just imagine all the fun you could have out there! You can get a room at the Ryugyung Hotel, tour the countryside and even enjoy a hot, bountiful meal… or not.

Of course, the U.S. comes in last, also nicknamed “The American Empire.”


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