Superman vs the cellphone

(Editor’s note: I started this post a few days ago, before the late-night Batman article… I swear I’m not in to comic books. I do have a life, people.)

It’s not easy to be a superhero, let alone one that needs a phone booth to change into his costume.

With the rise of cellphone usage, phone booths are disappearing faster than Charlie Sheen’s liver. That leaves the question: Where is Superman changing into his suit?

It’s been suggested that he uses gas station bathrooms, but this presents its own set of problems. What would he do in the middle of Washington, where there is nary any life for three hours in any direction? At least in the 1950s there were phone booths somewhat near each other.

And, as abundant as cars are on the freeway or streets, he likely isn’t commandeering the trunk of a vehicle as a changing spot. Although, it can come in handy when needed. Not that I speak from experience or anything…

No, Superman is indeed facing a difficult situation.

As modern technology grows, and phone booths disappear, the Man of Steel may be relegated to alleyways to change his identity. It’s a cruel, cruel world and hardly an easy one in which to be a superhero. I’d like to see comic book writers actually tackle this sort of dilemma. (Again, I haven’t read any superhero comic books, so to my knowledge, this hasn’t been discussed.)

Does anyone have some suggestions as to where Clark Kent can transform into the greatest superhero of all time? I’m sure DC Comics is looking for ideas.


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