It’s been a while…

I apologize for not writing in a few days – to tell the truth, I’ve been busy writing at work.

Last week, I was hired at the Cheney Free Press and since then I’ve been catching up on all the aspects of Medical Lake and Airway Heights. I’m trying to fill the (very) big shoes left by a good friend of mine who headed elsewhere. It’s quite the job, and things should smooth out in a few weeks.

Until then, postings will be somewhat sparse as I get going with this. It’s an exciting challenge, one that I’ve enjoyed since day one – of course, working with great people makes for a very smooth transition.

There are a few good posts coming down the pipe – keep an eye out for them.

Until then, enjoy the face of the Seattle Mariners’ most recent call-up, and the reason why I’ll be watching the game Friday: Dustin Ackley. Although no one can replace Cliff Lee, all eyes are on this young man. May you do us well, sir. We’ll be watching.


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