Sights from Pig Out 2011

Last weekend, a plethora of edible delights graced Spokane with their presence. Almost 50 food stations, many local restaurants, set up shop in anticipation of the masses that would come to consume.

And consume they did.

Personally, I found the elk burgers to be especially good. I also (surprisingly) enjoyed my first fried Snickers bar from one of the not-so-local-but-still-popular fairground fare trailers.

Of the local booths, the unmistakable smell of garlic lifted me over to the White House’s booth. Now, despite being Spokane-raised, I have never dined at the famed restaurant. So, I made it my mission to break that 22 year streak.

Their Greek salad is incredible, mixing in the feta cheese with kalamata olives and a light vinaigrette… this was close to heaven. Congrats to the White House – you just earned a new patron in the near future.

Food isn’t the only draw to Pig Out in the Park. Some excellent local and national talents graced the three stages set up throughout Riverfront Park, including the great Leon Russell.

I’ll have more on Russell and his band in the near future. Until then – here are some sights during the time I visited Friday evening.

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