Coleslaw – A now slightly less evil food

Flickr photo from Photophnatic

It’s stringy, colored with pinks and greens, smells weird and looks like salad, but isn’t.


Ever since childhood, I’ve trained myself to notice the subtle difference between a regular salad and the oddly deceptive side meal that is coleslaw.

Truth be told, I’m not sure what spawned my want to avoid it in the first place. But, I’m almost certain that I can place the blame on my brother. After all, he liked it. According to The Code, with only certain exceptions can siblings like the same thing. Since coleslaw wasn’t one of the exceptions, my lack of liking coleslaw solidified.

Unfortunately for my childhood years, my family actually liked the stuff. I wasn’t forced to eat it or anything like that, but its sheer presence was like that of cantaloupe – another evil food that can actually kill you.

I guess it’s an acquired taste, one that grows with you through time. Much like onions, broccoli, asparagus and mushrooms, perhaps liking coleslaw is just part of growing up.

The first time I found coleslaw I actually liked was from Costco, believe it or not. It was cut fresh, and hadn’t been sitting around for weeks in a tin on the shelf. Instead, you mixed all the elements yourself, making for a crunchy, yet slightly tangy meal. Toss in a few dried cranberries and the completed dish was a mind-blowing experience.

That first hesitant bite turned into an eager second helping.

Unfortunately, what came from Costco seems to be the only coleslaw I can tolerate. Even today, I’m picky about it. Forget the stuff that you can buy at the supermarket, or at a fast food restaurant. They’ve likely been sitting around, soaking in the dressing for a few days. Soggy slaw is sucky slaw.

I’m pretty sure that cuts out around 99.02 percent of all coleslaw available out there, save for the homemade stuff, but that’s all my taste can handle at this point. Coleslaw is just an odd food that I never could stand.

But, who knows, in the future I may come to actually like the soggy stuff sold in the store. After all, by a certain age, once my teeth have all fallen out, any food will taste the same. Mmmm, I can’t wait to slurp lutefisk from a straw.

What are some foods that you never thought you’d like?


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