1,000th visitor amazing giveaway spectacular

So, seeing as this place is about to hit 1,000 visits, I think it’s time to show a token of my appreciation. Sure, I know 1,000 visits isn’t a lot in today’s Web world – but it’s a chance for you to win something. And who doesn’t like free stuff?

Just speaking for myself, as long as it’s not a “Day with Carlos Silva” prize package, I’m good.

Here’s the deal:

– I’ll offer a $25 gift card to the winner.
– On the day that the 1,000th hit occurs, I will announce it on here. Send me an email (via the About Me page, or just click the link, if you can’t find it), saying that you’d like to enter.
– I’ll put your name/email address on a ticket which I’ll put into a box or hat or random pouch deal. The name I draw out will get the prize.
– For those subscribed to the blog before the “milestone” visit, I’ll give you a free ticket just for being here already.
– I’ll hand the gift card off to the winner, or if you’re out of the Spokane area, I’ll just mail it out there (after letting you know of your glorious prize).

Sounds pretty easy, right? So what’re you waiting for?



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