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Hello and welcome to the first in what I guess now qualifies as the only CHONE FIGGINS WATCH I want to write. The first and only CHONE FIGGINS WATCH is today, because PRINCE FIELDER and JEFF FRANCIS aren’t the only players the Mariners should want to move; and also because I can’t stand writing about CHONE FIGGINS more than once. I am writing this because Sullivan and Cameron are keeping everyone abreast of the PRINCE FIELDER and JEFF FRANCIS landscape, but no one is keeping an eye on CHONE FIGGINS’ backyard.

Has CHONE FIGGINS signed a contract?

Has CHONE FIGGINS signed a contract with the Seattle Mariners?

Is CHONE FIGGINS close to moving elsewhere?
I’m not sure, although my hopes are very high. Unlike his batting average.

What does your gut tell you?
I think the Mariners are going to regret signing CHONE FIGGINS, because he’s been horrendous, from Georgia, and the team watched EVERYONE ELSE on their roster play better last year.

What is the latest?
There is no latest. CHONE FIGGINS hasn’t really been useful on this team, so he’s not really in the sphere of good baseball players right now.

Are the Mariners still in the thick of things?
They’re in the thicker part of his contract, sure. But this is CHONE FIGGINS – he’s never really in the thick of anything, let alone the lineup.

Haha, “thick of things.”
Chone Figgins has been pretty freaking terrible.


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