Dessert oranges

The perfect way to end a great meal. (Photo from Flickr user Graciepoo)

I’ve been collecting a few recipes as of late just for kicks and tried this one out. Spaghetti with some tomatoes, feta cheese, olives and garlic. Brilliantly simple, pretty healthy and full of flavor. No sauce needed. Toss in some fresh basil and it’s heaven in a bowl.

As I was savoring the masterpiece of flavors, it somehow took me back to an experience in Italy. Remember that scene in “Ratatouille,” when the dish sends food critic Anton Ego back to his childhood? Yeah, it was something like that, only without the whole zoomy/Pixary-ness of that movie.

The group I was with stayed at a hotel near Venice, on the mainland. One night we were invited to dinner at a restaurant owned by a friend of the hotel manager. There, they served us the best pizza on earth and finished it off with orange slices as dessert.

Yes, oranges.

I don’t really recall if it was a good orange or not, but what remains embedded in my memory is the simplicity of it.

They’re fresh, vibrant, sweet yet tangy and, as I discovered tonight, pair perfectly with basil and garlic. Oranges are the perfect way to wash away that garlic scent, should you choose to continue a night out.

Give it a try. Sliced in half, easy to handle and no real mess afterward, it’s the perfect end to a great meal.

And who knows, a little memory long forgotten may come back to you.


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