Perfect voices: Gary Barlow and Michael Buble

People in the U.S. really need to learn about Gary Barlow.

This is a clip from Michael Buble’s “Home for Christmas” in the United Kingdom, which featured a guest appearance by Mr. Barlow himself. The result was a perfect performance of Buble’s “Home” and Take That’s “Rule the World.”

The songs, already incredible in their own right, are perfected by these two. It’s live, it’s clean and it’s the way that music was meant to sound. Buble’s smooth, constant flow pairs brilliantly with Barlow’s heavily emotional, crisp delivery.

Gary, Michael – it’s time to do a duets album, or at the very least release these songs online. Do it for a charity, do it for the world. Just two men, two microphones and some backing music. Keep it simple. In a world where music has hundreds of sound effects, layers and automated bits, something as basic and clean as this is a stark reminder of what music could be.

Please, good sirs, make this happen.


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