Five books currently within reach

With all the hustle and bustle that comes with the routines in life, it’s pretty easy to leave books strewn around the room. Like any book addict normal person, some of those are good enough to be in arms’ reach. The rest just kind of sit in boxes between my closet and the CDs/games/Larry Bernandez bobbleheads/old work files box next to my desk.

The ones that are within arms’ reach are obviously the more important ones. Here are five that are currently nearby.

The Pocket Muse

I swear, this book hasn’t left my backpack, while in college, or my desk since I bought it in the store. It’s brilliant. Writing ideas, tips and suggestions on how to improve on each page. Heck, even some pages are just photos, meant to inspire. While some of the tips tend to lean toward fiction, short story and novel writing, many of the practices and ideas it lists are great for a person like me.

If you’re stuck and can’t seem to visualize a final concept, or just want an idea that you probably haven’t thought up before, The Pocket Muse is perfect. (It’s pretty cheap for a new copy on Amazon)

The Wednesday Letters

One of my favorite books. It’s an incredible tale of redemption, forgiveness and relationships. We’re hardly perfect people, and this book illustrates that concept perfectly. At the same time, we’re taught the best way to love, and turn it into an outstanding marriage. All of the characters are very real and hardly fluffed up to the point of “Hallmark Channel” status – something that we’ve all seen in stories like these. (Again, pretty cheap, under $10 on Amazon)

America’s Prophet

I’m pretty big on history, especially American history. This book is perfect at combining faith and history, looking at the influence and impact of Moses throughout our country’s history. It’s told through a documentary style by Bruce Feiler, as he interviews and discovers the importance of the biblical figure.

The book is separated into about four or five distinct parts where Moses played an integral part influencing either an opinion, or being a metaphor for a movement. Looking at the pilgrims, our founding fathers, the Underground Railroad and even Martin Luther King Jr’s vision. It’s an incredible book that journeys from the 1600s to even covering his influence on President Obama. (It’s out in paperback and hardcover, and pretty affordable)

Survivor’s Club

Just the story of Ben Sherwood’s trip through a military training course is interesting enough to read the book. But, he also speaks to a large number of people who have survived traumatic events in their lives. Just like the lady who survived falling on knitting needles as she walked up some stairs.

Sherwood is an excellent wordsmith and is able to flawlessly tell someone’s story. It’s that greatness that led him to be named the president of ABC News. He knows people, and he now knows how to survive those incredible situations we hear about on the news. The information in the book is overwhelming, but easily broken down. It’s a brilliant gift for those looking for ways to survive the odd situation, or lend some help to those trying to survive with a life-threatening illness.

So many of us are survivors. Give it a look. (Really, do yourself a favor and buy it)

All My Friends Are Dead

A hilarious book that’s worth discovering on your own. I promise, it’s a kick.


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