Where is home for you?

Browsing around on a brilliantly quiet Friday night, I ran across this quick gem of a post.

Image from Spokanephotos.com

She poses a great question – just where is home?

For me, it’s been the Spokane area. I’ve grown up knowing about the Bloomsday statues at Riverfront Park, the quickest way around the Division Street exit and that if you turn the wrong way on Sprague/Appleway in the Valley, you’re in for trouble. Sure, I’ve only ever lived in the Spokane area, but after visiting other cities, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the argument that there isn’t anything to do in Spokane. I’m guilty of saying it, and even believing it, at some points in my life. But, I’m happy to call Spokane home. For my personality, likes/dislikes and overall self, it’s an almost perfect place to live.

In high school, we had a quick discussion about Spokane and what we did or didn’t like about it. Spokane is big enough to attract big entertainment names (Newsboys, Elton John, Brad Paisley, the Mythbusters, B.B. King and Tony Bennett), while still being simplistic enough that any one of those artists can walk around town without fear of being mobbed by rabid fans. Peter Dinklage was in town shooting a movie a few years ago and I had the fortune to see him at one of the movie theaters. After an obvious double-take by me, I smiled and nodded, with a quick reply from him. He didn’t need a security guard and didn’t have an entourage of fans following his every step. Mr. Dinklage was just a regular guy out seeing a movie.

Even Paul McCartney or Emma Watson could stroll the streets and manage to fit right in. (And yes, I only mention those two people in hopes they actually come here. Having coffee with Emma would be incredible.)

The city brags on and on about Expo ’74… but Spokane attracted the attention of the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in 2007 and 2010, proving it’s able to garner attention on a vast scale in today’s world. But, leave that big event and just walk a couple blocks away and you’ll arrive at one of several local shops. Everyone knows the good places: Boo Radley’s, Rocky Rococo’s pizza, Merlyn’s, Thomas Hammer, The Globe, Fast Eddie’s, the Magic Lantern and others. All of these great places are full to the brim with local flavor. Even our local media outlets are among the greatest in the region. (Just a little shout-out to some new connections I’ve made.)

I enjoy that vast contrast. Walk a couple blocks from the ritzy Davenport Hotel and you’ll hit the Satellite Diner. Consider the difference – a glamorous European-style hotel with various woods and marbles, compared to an aged diner where you can get one of the best cups of coffee in town, using some chipped mugs and watching your fellow questionable patrons. Go to Coeur D’Alene and try to see that.

Heck, go visit Seattle and see if that’s the case.

At the same time, for myself, those who have kept me grounded and anchored are here. Those people who anchor me and keep me moving in the right direction make this town what it is.

Sure, an apartment or a house has stuff to make it livable. But it’s the people that seal the deal. As long as I’m with them, or they with me, I’m home.


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