An evening with Hugh Laurie

I was lucky enough to see Hugh Laurie perform last night in Spokane. Yes, you read that right.


He’s a rather silly man, who has some great musical and acting skills. And, after seeing him in House (obviously), Blackadder, Stuart Little, 101 Dalmatians and A Bit of Fry and Laurie… I couldn’t pass up seeing him perform live.

Performing a slew of jazz numbers, he dazzled the crowd for a good two hours. Throw in some bits of comedy and excellent info about most of the songs, and the evening passed by far too quickly. The man is an encyclopedia of musical knowledge. Although he humbly said only four in the audience likely really care about where the music came from, I’m happy to be one of those.

Best song of the night? “Wild Honey” by Dr. John. I hadn’t heard the song before, but can’t wait to hear it again. It’s always great when a musician steers you toward other songs – it’s a sign of humility and knowledge of their genre. Hugh Laurie is no exception to that rule.

“Let Them Talk,” his recent album from which many songs were performed, is very much worth a look. St. James Infirmary and Swanee River are the better songs, and show some of Laurie’s true talent. Plus, a few special guests help round out the tracks.

In all, if this brilliantly talented man is coming near you, get tickets before they vanish. You’ll be glad you did.

Has anyone else seen him perform live? What were your thoughts?



    1. I have one other that I may post – we were limited to only taking photos during the first song. I’ll post a link to it once it’s up.
      Thanks for reading!

  1. St. James Infirmary— I am in love with. I recorded a fair bit of audio from the concert in Portland…Still need to go through and edit, but excited because the album versions don’t do justice to Hugh and the band’s real talents in my opinion

    1. You’re right on the live version performances. The guitar and harmonica bits were some of the best music portions of the night. Those guys really brought some extra life to the songs.
      Everything was incredibly well-rounded. By far one of the best concerts I’ve seen.

  2. Glad you had a great time. I’m hoping to see him eventually once my schedule allows. Hugh is passionate about his music, it’s so obvious it’s a real joy for him. I couldn’t be happier for him. He’s “living the dream.” 🙂

    1. He really is living the dream – throughout the night he was cracking those genuine smiles during songs. He’s right where he belongs.
      Thanks for the comment!

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