I loved the Seattle Mariners for 9 innings

Last night I saw a future Hall of Fame pitcher.

Felix Hernandez threw nine innings of baseball perfection, striking out 12 and allowing only three hits. Sure, those nine innings are only 7 percent of those he’s worked this year, but add to the fact he only threw 107 pitches. He had the potential to throw another 20 if needed before leaving the game. Of those pitches, 74 were strikes.

“OK guys, now let’s not blow this lead.” – Felix

Felix was a machine. Mowing down batter after batter, the game was finished in less than three hours. For a baseball game, that’s incredibly quick.

The Mariners, as we all know, have their faults. In terms of offense, they’re undeveloped and underperforming. Offense is tough to come by.

So, when a 7-run lead is handed to you, you’d better run with it.

Felix didn’t disappoint. Felix never really disappoints, he occasionally has a misstep, but it’s never something to jeopardize his stature.

In part, that’s why so many Mariners fans are drawn to him. Felix Hernandez makes this team better by upping the ante with each start. Without him, there would be little hope for the Mariners’ future, despite there being a wealth of talent in the farm system.

Without Felix, the Mariners would crash into oblivion, sinking deep into the Puget Sound. Without Felix, I wouldn’t have attended last night’s game.

Last night, July 14, was my first time seeing this future Hall-of-Famer. He’s only 26 years old, and has plenty of baseball in his career; a career I hope remains with the Mariners.

Sure, media personalities are guessing whether he’ll remain with the team beyond July 31, being a future Hall-of-Famer after all. The Mariners’ general manager has said Felix won’t be traded, but then again, they’re just words.

But those words are a vote of confidence that, for now, quell any anxiety that the team’s best player may leave.

Right now, Felix is ours, and publicly said he enjoys it in Seattle.

Last night, I hope he enjoyed himself destroying one of the best lineups in baseball. I enjoyed watching Felix’s onslaught from the stands watching perfection in human form.

The Seattle Mariners’ roster isn’t one that inspires butterflies in one’s stomach. For at least one night this year, however, I had hope for the future of the Seattle Mariners.

That hope is there, because last night, I saw a future Hall of Fame pitcher.


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