2014 goal – Write Less by Writing More

My priorities have changed this year.
Lately, I’ve been encouraged from numerous sources to write more. In a way, writing has always been my passion, but I never really took notice of it until college.
Sure, I wrote silly stories about a chicken plant exploding with feathers flying everywhere, Star Trek fan fiction, the ever-elusive third Ghostbusters movie and plenty of other silly pieces throughout my younger years. I think I even still have a few of those saved somewhere among my numerous files back home.
It was only when I needed to finalize my reason for going to college that I realized how much fun there was in writing, and that I wanted to make it a career. With a stroke of the key, I could create a brand new world, start friendships, pit enemies against each other and listen to the melody of a storyline as it progressed through the page. My priorities changed along the way, and I began pursuing a career in journalism, focusing on a different style of writing.
But, since 2008 or 2009, writing has taken a backseat to photography and design.
I love photography and how it can capture a story in one frame, or a set of them. A family’s grief at the loss of a loved one, celebrating a birthday, or even just a visit to the local mini golf company all factor in to a great story.
That brings me back to the promptings to tell my story this year.
In all honesty, I’m not sure what part of my life is worth putting down on the page. I’ve had great things happen, no doubt, and some terrible experiences along the way. But I’m not a military veteran, I wasn’t a college graduate at the age of 16, nor do I consider myself remotely influential in people’s lives. Then again, that’s the beauty of storytelling. Even the most mundane, repetitive things in life can show someone’s personality through the actions they take each day.
So what SEO-oriented statement can best define my goals in 2014? It’s simple: “Write Less by Writing More”.
Be purposeful with words and actions in life. We’re given an opportunity to leave a legacy each day that we spend on this planet. It’s time we make the most of it.


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  1. Love it… and go for it… We all have a story… some of us have lived long enough to have story after story after story…. and if we step back to look at the family from which we have come… Oh my… There are dozens of stories… some oft repeated at family gatherings, some hidden away.. go for it!!!! Aunt Audrey… Your cousin Rebecca Kingsley’s husband is making his major in photography.. He is at BYU Idaho working on an undergraduate degree…. Rebecca is on FB I think you and Michael Kingsley would have some things to talk about… Take Care… God Bless You A.A.

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