5 items on my desk

Workspaces provide a glimpse into what matters to someone. Photos, letters, funny little placards and various other items all play a part in someone’s personality. I’ve had my fair share of funny pictures (Vote for Ron Swanson) and inspirational quotes (Sense of Urgency) and blanket statements (This is a snake-free environment. Please keep it that way.) in workspaces throughout my career… here’s a glimpse at what’s currently on my desk.

– Backup and portable hard drivesĀ 

Working with photos and video means my computer’s hard drive tends to disappear fairly quickly. So, there are a couple of spare hard drives nearby to help back up and add a bit of padding to my files. Never go without a backup, a computer crash is just around the corner!

– Wacom tablet

I’m hardly a great artist when drawing by hand. It’s hard to mess up a stick figure, but somehow I do just that. With the tablet, however, I’m able to touch up photos and use Photoshop with more precision. When working with different brushes, it’s an invaluable tool. And, since it’s a pen, it makes me believe I can actually draw something.

– A thank you card from last year

I have a bad habit of keeping cards. Christmas, birthday, a creepy newspaper reader note slid under the office door and thank you cards are all boxed away. A select few, however, do remain out on display. One thank you card from last October has been on my desk for a few months now. It’s the simple things that keep you grounded and encouraged amidst the chaos of life.

– Flashlight

Because random noises at night are creepy.

– Coffee mug

There are times I have too much blood in my coffeestream. A cup of coffee usually fixes that. I’m a big fan of Spokane’s local roasters, Thomas Hammer in particular. Their breakfast blend is perfectly balanced in terms of flavor and mouthfeel. It’s by far my favorite wake-up tool in the morning.



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